Webflow & SEO with guest Florian Bodelot

Atelier NoCode North Francophone returns with a focus on Webflow and SEO.

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Additional Summary
  • Introduction and Audience Engagement: The session begins with a casual conversation while waiting for the audience to join. Florian Bodelot is introduced as an expert in Webflow and SEO within the French-speaking community.
  • Discussion on Webflow's Advantages: Florian highlights the benefits of using Webflow, particularly its SEO capabilities. He mentions how the platform's design flexibility and CMS integration are advantageous for optimizing SEO effectively.
  • SEO Strategies and Techniques: The conversation delves into specific SEO strategies, including technical SEO, on-page SEO, and the importance of content quality. Florian shares insights on how SEO has helped his agency gain visibility and attract clients.
  • Interactive Q&A: Throughout the video, there's an interactive Q&A session where viewers ask questions about SEO, Webflow, and best practices. Florian provides detailed responses, reinforcing key points about the significance of a well-structured SEO approach.
  • Conclusion and Future Directions: The session wraps up with discussions on upcoming trends in SEO and how Webflow continues to evolve to support these advancements. Florian emphasizes the importance of adapting to these changes to maintain effective SEO strategies.
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    Webflow & SEO with guest Florian Bodelot
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