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September 9-11, 2022
State of Flow
St. Petersburg · FL

State of Flow is a one-of-a-kind digital creators retreat hosted by the Webflow community. Join us to learn about visual software development and the future of online work.

Watch a recap of the key talks at State of Flow 2022. Stay tuned for updates about our next event.

State of Flow Agenda

Join us at Coastal Creative in St Pete Florida for the first ever Webflow community organized, digital creators retreat.

Check-in & Open House
  • #StateofPlay kicks off in the Atrium
  • Workshop board opens - Submit a topic or vote for Saturday workshops & breakout sessions
  • Step off-campus for a specialty drink at the Steep Station or to play some putt-putt with friends at the Par Bar next door.
  • Play Bing-flow - Attendee icebreaker game
  • Community cam - Share your thoughts with the roving cameras to be featured in an upcoming documentary style video. Cameras will be roaming all weekend.
  • Don't break the flow qualifiers
  • Team Build qualifiers
Happy hour begins
  • Cash bar opens and we invite attendees to join us for asian street food from one of St Pete favorites
  • Final round of "Don't break the flow"
  • Freelance Feud qualifiers begin in Warehouse A
  • Open house & networking continues in Atrium
State of Flow - Livestream
  • State of Flow interactive livestream begins
  • Freelance Feud Finals
  • Team Build Finals
  • The science of Flow - Conversation starter
  • Fireside chat about productivity in a modern world and the future of work
Group Photo
  • Join us after the stream for a group photo with all of the sponsors, organizers and attendees.
Webflow Party
  • Live music by Groove.Church from 8-10pm
  • First ever Webflow Pizza Party
  • Fire dancer and flow artist
  • Live DJ from 10-midnight
  • Time to rest. We have a big day tomorrow.
Breakfast station opens
  • Join us for local bagels, coffee, fruit & juice.
Breakouts & small groups

9:30-10:15 - First block

  • Atrium - Networking
  • Warehouse A - Relume Library + Client First
  • Community breakouts - Open Discussion

10:30-11:15 - Second block

  • Atrium - Networking
  • Warehouse A - Complex Logic with Wized
  • Community breakouts - Avoiding burnout
State of Web Design

Raymmar Tirado and Melissa Mendez will moderate a conversation about the State of Web Design between Johnnie Gomez from Webflow and Michael Yonke & Jon Eicher from Unfold.

  • After the livestream we'll enjoy a feast from Dr BBQ
Breakouts & small groups

2:00-2:45 - Third block

  • Atrium - Networking
  • Warehouse A - Growing your business
  • Sponsor demo room - Open
  • Community breakouts - Getting better at design

3:00-3:45 - Fourth block

  • Atrium - Networking
  • Warehouse A - Community roundtable
  • Sponsor demo room - Open
  • Community breakouts - Pushing Webflow to the limits
State of Growth
  • Time capsule recap - Review "Letter to yourself"
  • Key takeaways - Round table discussion
  • How can we grow as a community?
  • If you have a general admission ticket then your day is done. See you tomorrow at the beach.
VIP Dinner
  • If you bought a VIP ticket then please join us for a special dinner presentation. Check email for event location.
VIP Brunch

If you bought a VIP ticket then please join us for a Sunday morning brunch before we head out to the beach. Check email for event location.


Join us on St Pete Public Beach for a first ever Webflow community beach day. We'll have water and beach basics, so bring your towel, swim suit, snacks, drinks and some sunscreen for a final day of fun and sun with your new Webflow friends.


You're free to go at any time on Sunday. Take all your knowledge back home and find your true State of Flow.

Greetings from St. Pete!
Gone no-codin!
Webflow on the Beach!
Online creators retreat
This is going to be fun
See you in September

What you get




Watch all State of Flow event Livestreams (State of Flow & State of Web Design with Webfow & Unfold)
Support the first ever community-organized Webflow creators retreat.
Join us in St Petersburg Florida
Catered happy hour Friday & Lunch Saturday.
Grab a swag bag with stickers, State of Flow t-shirt, commemorative SoF coin, and more
In-person small group breakouts
Participate in live audience engagement elements of SoF livestreams
Cash bar
Join us for the first ever WEBFLOAT event
VIP Dinner Saturday night
VIP Brunch Sunday morning

Main course

State of Flow is a four course meal made up of interactive livestreams, intimate social settings and small group breakouts.

State of Play

Capture the spirit of pure play with community focused games, hands on networking, the first in-person Webflow Party and a day on the beach to unwind. This is gonna be fun!

In-person only

State of Flow

Join our live studio audience for a one-of-a-kind interactive livestream that will engage the Webflow community with a discussion about productivity in a modern world and the future of digital work.


State of Web Design

Join us we sit with top talent from Webflow & Unfold.co to discuss the magical superpowers that come with learning how to design & build a beautiful web experience and dissect what that means for the future of digital creators.


State of Growth

Our final group session will dive deep into the future of the creator economy with a focus on how you can grow your career by riding the Webflow wave.

In-person only

Choose your appetizers

Here are a few of the things you will be able to learn about at State of Flow

What is Webflow?

Making money online

How to thrive in the future of work

Exploring your creative process

How to land high value clients

Building a web app with Webflow

How to organize your business

How to find your focus

Visual software development

Making the move to freelance

Why your website matters

The power of community

St Petersburg, Florida

Nicknamed “The Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg, Florida offers a vibrant mix of tropical weather, arts and culture, shopping, dining, sports, and outdoor recreation all along a stunning shoreline that features some of the nation’s top-ranked beaches.

Coastal Creative

Coastal Creative is a creators playground nestled in the urban core of St Petersburg Florida. State of Flow will take over their entire warehouse for a fun filled weekend of content creation and Webflow community connections.

Tru by Hilton

Distance from venue: .5 miles

There is a special room block available on a limited basis through August 22. Reserve online or by calling 1-800-774-1500 and using the promo code SOF9 to get a discount.

Hilton Bayfront

Distance from venue: 2.2 miles

This hotel is a little further from the venue but is right on the Bayfront which puts you closer to the restaurants and nightlife of Downtown St Pete.

Hollander Hotel

Distance from venue: 2 miles

The Hollander is a boutique hotel with a hipster vibe. They have a bar and restaurant on the ground floor that puts you right in the heart of Downtown St Pete.

Live music powered by:

Groove Church

Tampa International

Distance from venue: 20.6 miles

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is the largest airport in the region offering the most flexibility to those flying from outside of the state

St Pete/Clearwater

Distance from venue: 11.6 miles

St Pete Clearwater international is an easy airport to fly in and out of, but is limited in service area. It is a 20 minute drive from the venue.


Distance from venue: 33.6 miles

Sarasota Bradenton International Airport is another flexible airport to fly in and out of but is also limited in service area. 30+ min drive from the venue.

Meet the organizers

State of Flow(rida) is organized by leaders in the Webflow community who live in Florida.

Raymmar Tirado
Sarasota, Florida
Colleen Brady
Naples, Florida
Melissa Mendez
Orlando, Florida
Johnnie Gomez
Miami, Florida
Jesse Nieman
Lakeland, Florida
Marce Russo
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Frequently asked

Is this just for the Webflow community?

The core focus of State of Flow is to connect with online creators and build community around the world of web design. While Webflow is our main event sponsor, this is not an official Webflow event.

Over the course of the weekend we will be discussing things like web design, the future of work, how to be productive in a modern world and so many other conversations which are relevant to online creators.

If you make your money online by building digital experiences without code then this is an event you wont want to miss.

Why St Pete Florida?

The original plan for State of Flow was to host a series of events in Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and beyond. This is because all of the organizers live in Florida and we wanted to do a Webflow Florida tour. WebFlorida anyone???

As we all started talking about it, we decided one big event would be a better use of our efforts so we shifted our focus.

Even after that, as we were considering locations we looked at places like Orlando and Miami, but the price would have been at least twice as expensive for tickets and hotels in Miami, and there are no beaches in Orlando.

Why not Tampa? Mostly because of the thriving creative culture in St Pete. Tampa is a bit bigger city, but St Pete is home to a thriving art community and we have found some amazing partners with the team at Coastal Creative.

We think this venue mixed with St Pete's tech-city beach-vibes will create a one of a kind event designed to propel the community forward.

What is your Covid-19 policy? Do I need to be vaccinated?

We will be following the state of Florida recommendations for Covid health at State of Flow. This means we recommend, but are not requiring proof of vaccination. We will also not be testing attendees or requiring a negative test for entry. Participation is voluntary and attendees assume all risks associated with attending, including the risk of contracting COVID-19.

What is your refund policy?

All State of Flow ticket sales are non-refundable as commitments will be made on your behalf at purchase. If you buy a ticket, and are not able to attend, please let us know and will work with you to gift your ticket to someone else.

What if I have special dietary or other accessibility needs?

You will be asked for dietary restrictions after you buy your ticket and have made all attempts possible to ensure that State of Flow is accessible. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to SOF@raymmar.com so that we can answer your question or accommodate your request.

Can I store my luggage or other belongings at the event?

Coastal Creative is a commercial building with many entrances and various tenants who have 24/7 access to the building by contract. While we are renting the entire warehouse, we cannot guarantee that other people will not be in or out of the building at any given time during our event.

We make no presumption for safe storage of any bags or belongings while on site. We recommend checking in to your hotel to store your luggage.

Should I bring my laptop?

You are more than welcome to bring your laptop, and there will be WiFi provided at the event. That being said, State of Flow is intended to be discussion driven and there will not be many tables and chairs like you might expect at a traditional conference. Instead you will find small areas set up for group discussions and small breakouts. You may want your laptop at times, but you might be better off with a notepad and pen.

Please note that organizers will not be able to secure computers, laptops, iPads, or other items not in use so anything you bring is your responsibility.

What if I have other questions?

Reach out to the organizers with any questions at SOF@raymmar.com

Can I sponsor this event?

Reach out to the organizers with any questions about how to sponsor this event by emailing SOF@raymmar.com

Will I be on camera?

State of Flow is a multimedia event which will be filmed from multiple angles. We will have some spaces for people who would prefer not to be on camera, but we realistically can not guarantee that you will not appear on camera at some point. Participating in the event constitutes consent to be filmed.

How can I get more involved?

We are currently looking for event partners, promotion support, swag sponsors and volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to SOF@raymmar.com

How do I apply to speak?

State of Flow is an interactive retreat, not a traditional conference. This means that all of the breakouts and panels will be comprised of event attendees rather than pre-determined speakers.

If you would like to participate, buy a ticket and show up. There will be plenty of opportunities for attendees to share their thoughts in small groups, in front of our community cam, or during one of our interactive live streams.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

All tickets are non refundable. However if you purchased a ticket, and cannot make it in person, please contact the organizers as soon as possible and we will work with you to transfer your ticket.

Ticket transfers will not be made after September 2.