Next Level Web Design - Course by Benten Woodring

Whether you are a seasoned designer, totally new to the industry, or wanting to make a career switch — if you’re wanting to level up your web design skills, this course is for you.

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In this hands-on course, you will learn everything you need to know to design at the professional level by mastering the principles of typography, color and layout. You'll put industry practices into place as you gather and curate inspiration, establish a style, and design a cohesive web experience on your very own landing page project.

This course is broken up into 6 Modules:

01 - Typography

In this module, we’ll get into the ins and outs of the most foundational elements of web design — typography. We'll get into selecting typefaces, establishing hierarchy, and share some valuable resources.

02 - Color

Learn how to build a color palette specifically for web.

03 - Layout

Learn how to arrange information on a page in a way that is visually balanced, built for the web, and is easy for viewers to consume. You will create and use a 12-column grid, design around real content, use tried-and-true components, and arrange content in a way that is easy to navigate.

04 - Finding Inspiration

In this lesson, we will find, gather, and curate inspiration we’ll be able to use for our landing page. We'll share some of our favorite resources, along with some unexpected ways to ignite new ideas.

05 - Establishing a Style

Learn how to establish a cohesive look and feel.

06 - Design

In our final lesson, you will use all of your new knowledge and skills to build your very own portfolio-ready landing page. At the end of this lesson, you will have a desktop and mobile version of your landing page to share with the world, along with practical skills you can use to start designing more of your own websites.

At the end of four weeks, you will have:

- Several portfolio pieces to share

- A fully designed landing page with desktop and mobile screens

- All the knowledge you need to design websites at a professional level

Next Level Web Design - Course by Benten Woodring
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