Add file upload to native Webflow forms (No Business Plan Needed)

Learn how to enable file uploads on native Webflow forms without upgrading to a business plan by integrating with GetForm and using custom JavaScript code.

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Additional Summary

Here is a 5 point summary of this video:

  1. Introduction to the Problem: The video addresses the challenge of adding file uploads to native Webflow forms on basic or CMS plans without upgrading to the more expensive business plan. We do this using GetForm, thus avoiding third-party form providers that may disrupt Webflow's native design consistency.
  2. Setup and Integration: The solution involves embedding custom code in the Webflow form. The process starts by inserting an <input> tag of type file upload into the form using custom code snippets, and setting up necessary IDs for linkage.
  3. JavaScript Implementation: The presenter shows how to handle file uploads using JavaScript. This includes capturing the file input through an event listener, creating a new FormData object, and appending the uploaded file to this object along with other form data like names and emails.
  4. GetForm Configuration: The form data is then set to be sent to GetForm, a service that allows AJAX-based uploads without page refresh. The presenter guides through setting up a form in GetForm, including setting the method to POST and configuring the endpoint URL where the form data will be sent.
  5. Final Steps and Error Handling: The video concludes with adding necessary custom attributes to the form, ensuring proper handling of the form submission using AJAX to prevent default form behavior. Additionally, the video covers success and error message management by manipulating CSS properties, mimicking native Webflow feedback mechanisms.
Add file upload to native Webflow forms (No Business Plan Needed)
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