017 - Is your tech stack holding you back? The perils of vendor lock-in

Are you getting locked into a platform you can't control?

This week the nocode community was buzzing with news about a price increase from Bubble. We saw a similar type of outrage with the Webflow community as well when they updated their pricing structure last year.

Many write this off as growing pains, while others call it out as a warning that you are never in control when you rely on someone else's technology to build your business. It's a long standing debate in the tech community about platform lock-in and the perils of going all in on any particular tech stack.

So, is this something you need to be concerned about long term? Should you stop using your favorite no-code tool and start learning how to code instead? Join us for another episode of the Weekly flow where we will discuss these points and many others as we explore the perils of platform lock-in and how to protect yourself as you scale your operation.

As always, the first 5 minutes of our stream will be spent reviewing upcoming Webflow news and events. The streams typically last between 60-90 minutes so feel free to hang out for as much or as little as you would like. We'll be live on Twitter spaces and our video backstage will be open during the stream for anyone who wants to join the conversation in real time to share their thoughts or ask a question. Links to join are added to the top of this description before the stream begins.

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