016 - The great debate - Webflow vs Framer

This week we shift our focus to the first in a series of livestreams we will be organizing to do a deep dive between Webflow and all of the other major visual website builders on the market.

For this episode we will hang with Nandor Muzsik who is a Framer Partner and the creative entrepreneur behind Framer University. (Links below)

With so many new tools on the market, it's getting harder to know which one is right for you. And more often than not, that answer depends on your skill level, the types of websites you want to build, and what you are trying to accomplish long term with your career.  

We hope this series will help you learn about the various platforms that exist and how they stack up to Webflow.

During the show we will discuss:

-An intro to Framer

-Framer vs Webflow comparison discussion

-How to pick the right tool for the types of websites you want to build

-What are the main differences between the various visual web builders

-What are the main limitations of each platform

-Community questions and comments throughout

As always, the first 5 minutes of our stream will be spent reviewing upcoming Webflow news and events. The streams typically last between 60-90 minutes so feel free to hang out for as much or as little as you would like.

We'll be live on Twitter spaces and our video backstage will be open during the stream for anyone who wants to join the conversation in real time to share their thoughts or ask a question. Links to join are added to the top of this description before the stream begins.

Keep up with all the links we share over at https://Stateofflow.io

Host: Raymmar Tirado - https://twitter.com/raymmar_

Co-host: Colleen Brady - https://twitter.com/ColleenMBrady


Nandor Muzsik - https://twitter.com/learnframer

Nandor is a Framer partner and creative entrepreneur who is currently building Framer University.


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