015 - The "perfect" Webflow build? - Community conversation

This week we have a powerhouse conversation with some of the most prolific Webflow builders on the planet.

Join Corey Moen from NocoSupply Co, Mason Poe from Edgar Allen, Alessia Sannazzaro from Code and Wander, Waldo Broodryk from Stacker App and Harshit Agrawal who is a Webflow Expert and visual developer at Finsweet. 

All of our guests have one thing in common. A passion for structured Webflow builds. Join us for a round table discussion as we dive into the nuances of the various naming conventions they use, why you should add some structure to your Webflow builds and practical advice for organizing your class names in Webflow. 

Most of our discussions are scheduled for an hour, but due to the technical nature of this talk, I could see it going long. Feel free to hang out for as much or as little as you would like. 

Per usual, we'll be live on Twitter spaces and our video backstage will be open during the stream for anyone who wants to join the conversation live. Links to join are added to the top of this description before the stream begins. 

As always, the first 5 minutes of our stream will be spent reviewing Webflow news and events from the last week. Keep up with all the links we share over at https://Stateofflow.io 

Host: Raymmar Tirado - https://twitter.com/raymmar_

Co-host: Colleen Brady - https://twitter.com/ColleenMBrady


Corey Moen - https://twitter.com/CoreyGMoen

MAST Framework - https://www.nocodesupply.co/mast

Alessia Sannazzaro - https://twitter.com/ale_sannazzaro

Code and Wander - https://www.codeandwander.com/

Waldo Broodryk - https://twitter.com/waldobroodryk

Stacker App - https://www.stackerr.io/

Mason Poe - https://twitter.com/masonpoe

Knockout Framework - https://knockout-framework.webflow.io/

Harshit Agrawall - https://twitter.com/harshit_agl

Client-First - https://finsweet.com/client-first


* Get involved with the Global Open House: https://airtable.com/shr7mjLDkQDsxEUQV

* Sign up for Global Open House Updates: https://www.stateofflow.io/openhouse

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